Sunday, September 17, 2006

Leader Share - My Answers

Here are my answers from my Leader Share questions from a number of days ago. Not too late if you want to add your answers.

1 - Name a leader you look up [can be someone you know personally or not] to and the character attribute you most admire about them. [You don't have to name them here if you don't want to.]
Erwin and Alex McManus - for their level of innovation and creativity. From the way they can evoke your engagement while they talk about a story in the Bible, to the way they imagine how to erupt passion from a community, to creating and shaping a culture that impacts the future, it seems to me like they are another species.

2 - Envision the future of your community of faith in 15 years - what is the biggest impact you would have made on it and what compels you about this area of impact?
My vision of the future is that GCC is at the epicenter of a vision of what a church could do to resource, train and send people to other cultures - and not neccessarily overseas. GCC becomes an body of people that blurs the lines between a church and a mission - and the culture of the body delights in it's function as blurry. "Well we are sort of a church, but a lot of people come and go for really big purposes." This vision compels me because it can start with middle and high school students.

3 - In what area of gifting, talent or character have you grown in within the past 10 years?
I've grown in my toleration of risk and the unknown.

Photo: One of our sessions at Kribi, Cameroon. [a few images photo stitched together for wide wide angle.]

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