Wednesday, May 26, 2010

09-10 Ember Interns - Improvements

Two things come immediately to mind that we could have improved upon:
+ More Scripture - especially from a leadership/mission lens.
There was a good bit at the beginning but not so much as the year went on.

+ More intentional time practicing being with people.
A great filter for this is from The Forgotten Ways : presence, proclamation, proximity, powerlessness. We were hardly ever out and about with people in public third spaces.

What I've realized is that much of this comes from me. Systematic, intentional reading through the Bible has always been a struggle personally. And practicing those four Ps is not something I am in the habit of, but probably should be.

Granted these are small compared to what we actually did do. But feedback and continuous improvement is important so we're jotting it down. I'm making the interns fill out a feedback survey - will post those comments later on.

[This is a series of posts evaluating the Ember intern process for 2009-2010: Overview, Positives]


  1. How did you guys do with prayer? Doing pre-battle before events with prayer, and during battle prayer and meditation (asking Jesus what he would have you say to the people you are reaching out to?)...

    I'm just curious about that as God keeps pushing us deeper into intimacy and quiet time with Jesus...

  2. ah.... another area of improvement. good question!