Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Intern First Steps

This year's SPACEintern gathered a few of her friends a few weekends ago and went into downtown DC to hang out in the city, make a few waves and impact a few people. Her team went to the city with no set agenda - rather it was more of an exploratory outing. Sounds like something SPACE would be a part of huh? This non-agenda approach concerned her dad a bit and I can relate to that. They had a good time, were able to bless a few strangers and it was a generally positive experience. [Read more here.]

Here are a few things that are off the top of my head regarding this outing:
1 - KCoats has initiative and this isn't just a pipe dream. I know I've said it here before - tons of people have tons of ideas but don't do anything about them. Not with her - she is taking the initiative and trying tons of stuff out. It's a good thing.

2 - It is important to say that, although random acts of service are great, there is greater value in learning from people and organizations serving in a full time basis in the community. Acts of service are a great way for people to be exposed to the realities around them and to grow in that kind of mindset. Taking people and giving them an environment to learn from ministries that live and serve full time is an opportunity for us to grow to the next level.

3 - In light of #2, we are going to make her have a bit more structure for the next few outings. The structure will be that she and her team are serving with organizations and groups that have ministries, plans and firm strategies. I see a progression for her that ties ministries and organizations first and then more movement second.

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