Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Are you an Aussie Sender?

Had a fun time meeting with JWinter this evening, who is a recent UofMD graduate and going to Melbourne, Australia for a one year term, leaving in November, working with a college ministry with Campus Crusade. She is in the midst of raising support and is part of our Fusion community at GCC. As well as a neighbor of ours we had never met before. As well as friends with RP and JP, who helped start the campus movement in Melbourne a few years ago. Small world.

I remember when R and J got ready to leave. We were all working with high school small groups and hearing them talk about Australia was part of the convergence of information at precisely the right time that helped birth SPACE. I can still see the passion in his eyes as he talked about the majority of Aussies that didn't even know the name of Jesus. It's pretty wild to once again be a small part of what is happening in Melbourne.

If any of you readers feel specifically called as a sender for people going to Australia and would be interested in hearing more about JWinter, leave a comment or email and I can put you in touch.

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