Friday, September 29, 2006

Lip Syncing

Tonight was CpR's first 'outreach' of the school year - Lip Sync night. I put the word outreach in quotes because I think our definition of outreach is changing - in a good way.

It's always a blast to see how creative and talented the students are, in terms of choosing the music, putting together dance moves and combining it all for a few fun minutes on the stage. Don't believe people when they tell you suburban churches are not artistic and creative.

What was a bit different about tonight from other outreaches in past years was that there was a short time before the program started where kids were sent out into the community to bless strangers. I and some other leaders took some kids to a local high school football game to give away sodas and candy. Granted, there may not be very many people that will be interested in church because of getting a free soda. But this medium allows students to be stretched a little bit in terms of risking for others, blessing strangers and getting out of the church walls.

Photo: Some our Senior girls [LF in the black and AW in the red, from both the Brasil and Cam teams] - click to enlarge.

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