Monday, September 04, 2006

One Month

Well, one month ago, August the 4th, I was in Cameroon. On that day, we toured a local trade school, had lunch in town and attended the first high school small groups the Navigators ever had in Yaounde. [See more from the Cameroon Metapost.] Yesterday, I emptied my Cameroonian bag of the straw that it was made from and double ziploc bagged it and wrote on the bag, "The Smell of Africa." Ah, the smell.

Today is an American holiday called Labor Day, originally devoted to the American worker. Nowadays, in addition to a welcome holiday off of work, it has become more of a symbol that summer is over, school has started and life has gotten back to some sort of routine. And the real time to apply all the convictions you got from your summer mission experiences to your life in the day to day.

Photo: the bag the Cameroonian Navs gave me, along with the bottles of Purrell I emptied while I was there.

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