Friday, September 08, 2006

Rendezvous #1

Culture and Cities
Fact 1 - What does the Bible mean when it says "Nations"

Fact 2 - Cities - A Strategic Mission Field

Fact 3 - County Census - 2005 - Foreign Born Population
Howard County Census - 2005 - Foreign Born Population

After reading these three factoids, we had to go around our mall with a magic marker and a transparency print out world map and ask random people to show us where they were born. The image above is the three transparencies on top of each other, showing all the countries that we met people from - right in our mall. Pakistan, Nepal, India, Korea, Chile, Peru, Mexico, China, Russia, England, Ireland, Germany, and one country in Africa. Notice also that the 10/40 window is roughly outlined.

You will hopefully be seeing some of the students adding comments this coming week - their homework was to intentionally meet someone from another culture face to face AND share that with a virtual online culture.

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