Tuesday, September 12, 2006

AWNM - Abundance

Just a few more from A Whole New Mind about abundance...
- During much of the twentieth century, the aspiration of most middle-class Americans was to own a home and a car. Now more than two out of three Americans own the homes in which they live. In fact, some 13% of homes purchased today are second homes. As for autos, today the US has more licensed drivers - which means that on average, everybody who can drive has a car of his own.
- Self-storage -a business devoted to providing a people a place to house their extra stuff has become a $17B annual industry, larger than the motion picture business.
- When we can't store our many things, we just throw them away. The United States spends more on trash bags than ninety other countries spend on everything. In other words, the receptacles of our waste cost more than all of the goods consumed by nearly half of the world's nations - Polly LaBarre

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