Monday, September 04, 2006

Mission Advance 1.1

D and I have had lots of ideas floating around our heads this weekend about SPACE for this year. It's been both surprising and interesting to me. By the end of the summer, I was pretty toasted and unrealistically wondering what viability SPACE really had left in it. In other words, it was a phenomenal summer but I was pretty spent.

This weekend was definitely a rebound. The meeting I had on Saturday was so energizing and a lot of thinking has been catalyzed because of those discussions. So, here is the first piece of some of it.

If we have enough viable summer teams this summer, we are going to do Mission Advance again. Call me crazy but I'm not. During the actual weekend, some people heard me mutter that I would never do it again. But I was dead wrong and it only took 3 months for me to really see it clearly. [Pass the word on to other people that I was wrong....]

Here are some expanded thoughts about the weekend:
- Everyone involved loves the idea of teams going away together to get to know each other and that will continue to be one of the central goals. The other goals also remain the same [some missions prep topics, some kind of community impact, formal and informal group building and dynamics.]
- We will strive to make the destination every year different - build the unknown to make it more fun and different - much of the same feeling that you get on a missions trip.
- We will toy around with the idea of doing Mission Advance in an urban setting.
- We will make it a hard requirement for team members and leaders - ie if you can't go on the weekend, you can't go on the actual summer team.
- We will attempt to get some students involved in facilitating one of the discussion/workshop pieces.
- I will ask for more help for the weekend and I will ask a lot earlier.

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