Thursday, September 21, 2006

Balance of $0

Well we have almost closed the summer finances and I now have a whopping $0 in our SPACE fund. It's definitely a weird sensation. Some of you readers will remember that last December, I was asked to put a plan together to spend quite a bit of extra I had in the fund, instead of just letting it sit in the bank.

My spending proposal [which was approved] was outlined in the post entitled Extra Cashola. Out of that proposal, here is where the money actually went:

- gift for support for JAB and FZ and their team from IV-UofMD to a week in NOLA - December 2005
- help cover costs for SPACE winter expedition, January 2006
- send 3 leaders/students to one day training with the Urban Youth Worker Institute Seminar, March 2006
- help pay for leaders to be a part of the Senior NYC weekend, May 2006
- bought 30 StrengthsFinder books - part of Summer Leader Development, May 2006
- help cover costs for Mission Advance, June 2006
- gift for support for AMsr - going to India for a semester with Adventures in Mission [I think she left yesterday or today], June 2006
- help cover costs for Cameroon team, summer 2006

Since we have no money now, that really means we have to be totally self-sufficient. If we want to do something, provide an experience, buy some books, plan a winter expedition, we will have to come up with the resources ourselves. And I don't think that is a bad thing to have to do at all.

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