Thursday, December 02, 2004

This Weekend's Projects

Two things I'm currently working on, with due dates this weekend.
1 - Something to say about the leaders that work with me, for our Youth Leader Christmas thing. I know it has to be short, and I'm not even sure my leaders are even going to be there. I think I'm going to say someting about how much fun it is to intentionally take kids out of the church building. Sunday night, which will be here sooner than I think.
2 - Meeting with a team going to India for 2 weeks in January. I've written a little bit before about this team. The leader wants me to come and talk about sharing your faith on a short term trip, giving feedback about their testimonies, and lessons learned from previous trips. It's going to be way more facilitating than me talking a lot.
Both things require a bit of thinking, but aren't huge deals. And both are absolutely cool things that I feel honored to be a part of.

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