Thursday, December 30, 2004

Prepping for Orbit

Met with my team last night to talk in more detail about Orbit. It was a good time. Their big responsibility was to brainstorm and jot down specific project ideas for each of these small groups that will come that evening.
Most of the ideas were good, but a bit lacking. And when I say that, I know I have very high expectations.
We can setup service projects that are good, normal, safe, predictable. Implementing them will certainly meet our goals - get kids serving in the community, make an impact, etc.
But there is something more to it than just the act of serving. I want people to say "WOW" about Orbit. I want to hear that the projects we did were out of the ballpark, they were weird and quirky, risky and loud, someone to wonder "Who thought that idea up?" I want kids to think that they could have never done that themselves, that they made some great friends in their small group from the experience, that had a great time with their friends and leaders.
As much as those things, I want my team to see that preparing kids to serve is a task that they can do, but that it requires us to be on the edge, dreaming and planning, that making these things more than ordinary is a core piece of what SPACE is about. It is way more than just getting kids to serve.
Did I say that I have high expectations?

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