Monday, December 06, 2004

Fun with the India Team

Had a great great time with the India team tonight. Very cool to meet them, see them interact, learn about where they are in the process. They also had a few of their support team there to interact, listen and learn from what I did with them. It was a fun time, and it was really interactive, which I think they enjoyed.
My rough notes are below. There was a lot more to it, we talked about the ideas for about 90 minutes. Really fun.

Team Leader Feedback, premeeting
1. Your thoughts on sharing your faith in the context of a short
term missions trip - challenges, preparation, ideas
2. I am going to have our group write out our
testimonies - your input on them would be appreciated
3. Lessons learned from going on missions trips before

Who I am
coord for student missions at Grace

My first cross cultural experience
The DR
paint spilled in luggage
American compound
can't flush toilet paper
sleep with mosquito netting
got sick on July 4
infectious diarrhea

My goals
learn about your specific plans and how its going
set you up so you set up indigenous team to succeed

1. sharing your faith
Acts 17
Paul is babbling
They ask him to tell them more
Paul sees elements of their culture that point to something more
* tell a good story
its no longer just about giving information
you can teach on truths all you want
people are rarely transformed by just information
think about a story that is culturally relevant for us
that illustrates the Gospel story
useful for our society as well
post Christian, unchurched, but very spiritual

M - Grinch that Stole Christmas
A - Shawshank Redemption, Dazed and Confused
J - Fight Club
J - Giants vs. Mets 2000 division playoff, game 9
C - themes of superheros and extraterrestrials
M - The Hurricane
V - Lord of the Rings, Dogma, DaVinci Code

*redemptive analogy - definition
The Peace Child

*object lesson
white towel, stain, stain remover
card tricks

2. testimonies
don't need me to listen to them
critique and roleplay with each other
earn the right to be heard
focus on letting indigenous leaders talk

3. what I've learned
Kazhakstan team staying with families
guy going to Indonesia - 3 phrases and no planned place to stay
English class in NYC
our American church is not the best after all

*evalulate ministries objectively
be a student
are they doing stewardship the right way
not overly critical

*teachable moments
so important when it comes to students - build and train the next

*set up the indigenous leadership
I can disciple a student or I can teach a student to disciple other students
reach more Chinese when you minister to one student at U of MD
our goal for teams should be to set up the local leadership

4. hw
hardy personality


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