Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Believe me readers, I'm no Erwin or Alex McManus. So this is not an attempt at anything even close to their International Mentoring Network. After all, I'm not that international.
However, I had a student on our SPACE crew team approach me a few weeks ago about doing a mentorship with SPACE. Here in our county, students can put together a mentorship and get high school credit for it, its kind of like work-release and programs like that.
I'm really excited about it. Most of you readers know that a lot of my student ministry background is from leading small groups, mentoring and discipling kids. So the running of SPACE (the title is coordinator of student missions), is a bit different than what I've done before, and frankly, I have missed the opportunity to really shape and mold students on a more detailed level.
The other thing that I'm stoked about is this opportunity to potentially replicate myself into someone. This is a chance to take everything I've learned and dump it into a person, who could come out of this experience and replace me, except only better.
Our next steps is for the student to get all of the paperwork together for it from the school side.
Here are some of the rough ideas I put down on paper just to get it started. Believe me, I've got lots more details and ideas...

** SPACE (Students Prepared to Act for Christ's Empire) announces an opportunity that is out of this world - SPACE mentorships.
As a participant in a SPACE mentorship, you will have the opportunity to work directly with the coordinator for student missions from GCC, assisting GCC youth ministries with their student missions movement.
** The mentorship is focused on growing both your character and your ministry skills. You will have vital opportunities to grow both while you assist us in our efforts to prepare students to meet the challenge of missional service for Jesus' church in the 21st century and to infinity and beyond.
** You will be immersed in real time learning and experimentation with regard to leadership, character and spiritual environments; be given a hands-on direct role in the implementation of key components of student mission projects,and rub elbows with leading practioners of mission movements around the Baltimore/DC area.

Key elements of the mentorship include:
- relevant reading and writing projects orbiting around topics such as world mission, service and the future of the Church.
- practical skills development based on real world student mission and service projects; including administration and oversight, technical support skills and relational student ministry.
- real time conversation, debriefing and dialogue throughout the mentorship with leading practitioners of student missions.

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