Sunday, December 26, 2004

Tsunami and India

I think most everyone has heard the news about the tsunamis in southeast Asia. The stats are just staggering. After hearing the news today, what's really been on my mind is a few people that I know that are going to India, for a short term missions trip, like, right now.
First, David Trotter and a team from Revolution242 and RockHarbor are leaving tonight. Here is an summary of trip, here is a current website for their team.
Second, Praying Mantis and a team go to India on January 2.
Third, a team from GCC leave for India on January 8th, and they will be going to Bangalore and Chennai (which was affected by the tsuanmi).
Usually, my biggest hope is that the team members get transformed from their experiences, that their perspective of the world, their definition of following Christ, they way they see how and what the world really needs, that all of those things are lasting changes because of their mission trips.
Relief work is usually a hard fit for missions, because it's easy to come and do relief, but hard to setup lasting relief with indigenous leadership in charge of those kinds of relief activities.
In light of this disaster, I'm hoping these three teams just pitch and help all they can.

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