Monday, December 06, 2004

Travel the Road

I wrote about Travel the Road, the first reality based missions show, quite a while ago, but never got a chance to see it until this weekend. Mostly because it's on at 1am EST. We just happened to find it after watching Alien on Saturday night. (Alien, what a great, great movie!)
The episode we saw followed two of the guys around Thailand and Laos, showing them traveling through the jungle, driving 13 hours of mudslides in the middle of the night, and sharing the Gospel story in a remote village with the help of an interpreter. It was pretty cool stuff.
Looks like the show is well connected with Overland Missions, which is focused on mobilzing the young adults, using the latest technology for missions, and expedition style teams, all with a motto of "Any Road any Load any Time."
Outside Magazine has an article about Overland in their November 2003 issue, which looks to be a bit skeptical when it comes to the argument of missions empowering and saving versus totally destroying indigenous cultures.

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