Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Orbit 2005

SPACE announces Orbit 2005.
Friday Jan 7
The Warehouse

Orbit 2005 is a special evening all designed with your small group in mind,
giving you an opportunity to bond together via a serving experience.

All we require is that you bring:
- the students in your small group (they should bring some money)
- adult transportation for all of your students
- signed permission forms for each student
- a digital camera (and a way to get the pictures onto a computer - optional)

Your small group will be assigned a random service project that:
- will take about 75-90 minutes serving in the community
- will be relational (they will have to do at least some talking) and fun!!
- will add a new dimension to your small group dynamic via a serving experience

When you return from your Orbit, there will be light snacks,
a time to share for a little bit and some worship.
The only advance notice you need to give us is to let
Tony Sheng know that you are bringing a group.

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