Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Celebrate Leaders

We've got this person on the youth staff that is a huge advocate for our volunteer leaders. She really goes out of her way to serve, encourage and appreciate them. What's interesting to me about it is that, 1 - it is a constant mindset that she has, 2 - I don't think you find that attitude among ministry staff very much, but I don't know that for sure, 3 - it is a thing that she is propogating among the other staff as an element of our culture.
We have a Christmas party this Sunday night for the youth leaders. We usually have one every year, just an informal time for everyone to get together. This year, there is an actual program, which includes some students talking, some students singing songs, some students doing a skit, and even (gasp) a student doing a dance, all to encourage and honor our leaders.
Each staff person (high school, middle school, guys small groups, girls small groups, admin/catalyst, missions) will also get a few minutes to talk about leaders that are under their care, which is kind of cool. We are also working together as a team to setup, decorate, and tear down after the event too.

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