Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mentor - reading list v. 1

I've been spending the last few days putting together a reading list for the possible mentorship that might be happening in early January.
I thought I would post it here. But before you read it, here are a few disclaimers.
First, I realize this is a whole heck of a lot of reading. At least, it looks like it. A lot of this might be trimmed down. I want to believe that this reading is going to be really good, but I also know that the mentoree (is that the right word?) will probably get more out of doing than reading. It's usually like that with most people right? I know it certainly is with me. So the list can easily be cut, and I won't be afraid to cut from it.
Secondly, this is a list of significant things in my past. But I want more from this process than to create another me. I want a person who is me, but way way more. So although this list is my favorites, I'm hoping it catalyzes this person into way more.
Thirdly, the mentoree will be required to write up something after each reading. I know that might be asking a lot too. But there has to be something to cement the ideas, concepts and experience. So thats why there is writing involved in the mentorship. (I'm a pretty big advocate for doing debriefings.. and doing them well, but thats for another post.) So it's not just reading for reading sake, but it's reading for learning and articulating it out.
Ok... here it is

* Reading/Listening
each assignment will require some kind of summary in writing
POWCM - Perspectives
Waking the Dead, John Eldredge
An Unstoppable Force, Erwin McManus

Phase 1 - Foundation
Week 1 - article - A God-centered Motivation for World Missions, John Piper
Week 1 - article - Finishing the Task, Ralph Winter
Week 2 - sermon - Disciple, Rob Bell
Week 2 - sermon - Discipleship, Erwin McManus
Week 2 - POWCM - 31. Apostolic Passion Floyd McClung
Week 3 - POWCM - 112. What it Means to Be a World Christian David Bryant
Week 3 - Waking Dead - chp 1 Arm Yourselves
Week 3 - Waking Dead - chp 2 The Eyes of the Heart
Week 4 - Waking Dead - chp 3 The Heart of All Things
Week 4 - Waking Dead - chp 6 Walking with God

Phase 2 - Context
Week 5 - POWCM - 38. Four Men, Three Eras, Two Transitions: Modern Missions Ralph D. Winter
Week 5 - POWCM - 34. The Church is Bigger Than You Think Patrick Johnstone
Week 6 - POWCM - 40. Women In Mission Marguerite Kraft and Meg Crossman
Week 6 - sermon - Mission 2, Erwin McManus
Week 6 - article - William Carey, William Carey library

Phase 3 - Culture
Week 7 - Unstopp Force - chp None Atrophy
Week 7 - Unstopp Force - chp 1 Friction Traction
Week 8 - POWCM - 30. Suffering and Martyrdom: God's Strategy in the World Josef Tson
Week 8 - POWCM - 55. Culture, Worldview and Contextualization Charles H. Kraft
Week 8 - POWCM - 57. Redemptive Analogy Don Richardson 397
Week 9 - POWCM - 58. Why Communicate the Gospel Through Stories? Tom A. Steffen
Week 9 - POWCM - 60. The Flaw of the Excluded Middle Paul G. Hiebert
Week 9 - POWCM - 63. The Viable Missionary: Learner, Trader, Story Teller Donald N. Larson
Week 10 - POWCM - 81. State of World Need World Relief Corporation
Week 10 - POWCM - 82. Evangelism: The Leading Partner Samuel Hugh Moffett
Week 10 - POWCM - 84. The Urban Poor: Who Are We? Viv Grigg
Week 11 - POWCM - 87. The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches George Patterson

Phase 4 - Infinity and Beyond
Week 11 - POWCM - 88. His Glory Made Visible: Saturation Church Planting Jim Montgomery
Week 11 - booklet - Church Planting Movements
Week 12 - Unstopp Force - chp 4 E-motion
Week 12 - Unstopp Force - chp 5 Cultural Architecture
Week 13 - Unstopp Force - chp 6 Cultural Architect
Week 14 - Unstopp Force - chp 8 Soul Environments
Week 14 - sermon - The Primal Essence of Spiritual Leadership, Erwin McManus

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