Sunday, June 08, 2008

Meet Hungary Leader - KevinGN

Kevin was a participant in my high school boys small group [Dteam] from 1999-2003 - he likes to say he was one of the first people in SPACE before it even existed. That's pretty true, since we dragged some of those boys on missional activities as part of their high school experiences, including a week long evangelism project in Baltimore; few days giving money away in Ocean City, Maryland; and serving in New York City.

Kevin is a strong achiever meaning that he will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is also a strong futurist, meaning that he can envision with me where we are going. And he is a mean guitar player. It will be fun to have some live music with this team - live worship has been an element that I always wanted with past teams, but could never make happen. We've already been scheming together about what the final day of our trip looks like in the city of lights.

Kevin got married to Keely last summer - more on her later - and it will be fun leading with them this summer. Kevin has served in cross cultural contexts such as Kazakhstan and Turkey.

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