Friday, March 03, 2006

SPACE support materials

One of the things that I do for the summer teams is try to make their support raising as easy as it can be. That includes giving our teams examples of support letters and providing some of the materials for them for when they actually send out their support letter.

We include:
- A response card for their supporters to return
This card includes information such as the supporters name and address, the students name, the amount, and a check box on whether they pray for the team.
This year, we also added a 'no junk mail phrase' and an option to support the whole team instead of just one student.
- A sheet of pre-addressed sticky labels addressed to the church, so students can put that onto their own small sized envelope (pre-stamped of course) to make it easy for their supporters to drop into the mail.

I'm lucky, the church office lets me make an infinite amount of copies. In fact, this morning, one of the office staff was doing it all for me. Lucky, except, when they were running the copies of the labels, I had printed the wrong address (our church recently moved.) Dang.

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