Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Origins 2006

Origins 2006 is upon us. If you could only go to one training/leadership/investing in you conference or event, this should be it. Origins is the Mosaic Leadership Experience - Mosaic is the church in LA that Erwin McManus leads.

I went in 2004 and it was easily one of the most formative ministry/leadership experiences for me. A big part of it was my specific context. I had just been part of a new ministry starting up. I had gotten deeper involvement on a ministry team and most of that team travelled to LA together and we had the advantage of processing through much of the ideas together as well. And I was still processing (even a year later) through much of the Perspectives material and what it meant for our students.

Origins didn't give me many things to tangibly execute. Instead, it blew open a bigger framework and vision for ministry. I count myself lucky to have gone through Perspectives and an Origins conference at such close proximity, since many of the concepts in both are connected as well as grow on each other.

Some quick concept memories from Origins off the top of my head:
- relevance to the culture [something cross cultural missionaries are implored to do, but we can miss it here in our own culture]
- a cultural architecture/environment, versus ministry that is stricly thought of as task or program based
- recognizing how important ethos is - what your community does without being told to
- mission versus missions

One of these days I'm going to write a post about what has influenced me most. Origins is on the list. This post has some ideas I jotted down about a month after coming home and thinking through it.

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