Thursday, March 02, 2006


Orlando, believe it or not, seems to have worked itself out to be a kind of remote base for our family. Somehow, we find ourselves there about once a year or so. I'm not sure why, except the obvious reason - Disney World. Seriously though, there is some very cool God stuff going on down there. I decided about a day ago, very spur-of-the-moment, to hop on a plane for the weekend to hang out with my friend MM.

Here is a rough idea of what I'm doing:
Sat 5.00pm - land in Orlando
Sat 6.00pm - Sat evening church/hang with a youth ministry
Sat 8.00pm - cafe event
Sun 9.30am - church at Westpoint Fellowship - cool speaker
Sun 12.00pm - lunch with MM and a leader development thing he is running
Sun aft - tanning session
Sun 5pm - dinner
Sun 9.00pm - fly home

Not a long time, but I didn't want to be away from home for the whole weekend if I could help it.

You might be thinking that I must have seriously drugged D in order to get away and go within a mere stone's throw of Disney World without her. Believe me, it wasn't easy.

[Update - That last statement was *very* facetious about D. She totally encouraged me to go and almost literally made me by the plane tickets. If you haven't noticed, she is much more daring than I am.]

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