Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Senior Weekend 2006

Last Spring, we decided to try a new experiment - taking our seniors on a weekend experience. We aptly named it the Black Hole Experience - taking on the idea of a secret weekend with no details and applying the SPACE motif to it. [Their parents had all the details, however.]

There were three distinct concepts that were built into the experience [it was a God thing so I don't take credit for it.]
1 - Culture - a much bigger culture than what you live in.
2 - Urban - the city is strategic.
3 - Creating the future - go and create it.

We ended up taking them to New York City for the weekend. Overall, it was a fun experiment with some great results. A few kids were really exposed to some new realities of the world. For them, I think it might still be making an impact.

A few nights ago, the SPACEintern and I sat down and started doing some thinking about doing this again in May. This is mostly her big deal - kind of a Senior project for her internship. In many other ways, it's a tremendous opportunity that she is providing for her peers. The potential and promise of life change in this kind of weekend is huge.

As we talked and brainstormed, we [mostly her] came up with some unifying themes or concepts for the transformation we are seeking with these students. Like I tell her almost constantly, these experiences are not an end to themselves. We are in the business of transforming these kids - so they love Jesus more, see the world with more clarity, and love and serve the nations more.

The two unifying themes were: [I think its okay to reveal these, the rest of the weekend is cloaked in secret handshakes and passwords]
- Your Lifestory
- Different Expression of Church

Very fun - an very cool opportunity for these students and a great project for the intern to exercise a lot of what she is learning.

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