Monday, March 13, 2006

The Best Way to Get SPACE Info - Bribery

If you have been around SPACE for a while, you probably know that everything we do is a secret until we think all the details are covered. You might think this is related to some weird ego trip I have... but it's not. It simply is a way that we can try some new and different things without catching a whole lot of flack for saying something and then not doing it. It's much easier to turn the boat around when there are not a whole group of adolescents planning on something that may not work. In some respects, its just wise marketing and PR. In other respects, it gives freedom to the leadership to make what may seem like spur of the moment decisions, based upon, hopefully, what God is saying to us. Finally, it gives us a bit more credibility when parents are not hearing about Plan A, B, C and D. Although with our junior summer trip, it certainly did seem like that.

This past weekend, I was talking with one of our high schoolers, BB, who was on my Brasil team last year. K was with me and as we were talking, she accidentally spilled some vital info - on one of the trips that we are working on. Luckily for her, BB wasn't paying any attention. Of course, after he realized she knew, he tried to bribe her. With a quarter.

Let me give some more advice. If you are going to bribe me or members of my family for SPACE information, the amount needs to be in whole denominations above $5, you know - $10, $20, etc. ;-)

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