Thursday, March 02, 2006


I've often been tempted to do just this!! My wonderful husband, who you all love and admire, is always leaving me his computer, logged on and ready to go! The beauty of blogging is that he can delete this post if he so chooses!!!!

If you are getting a kick out of this, as I am, then you can also quickly fulfill a small prayer request of mine. That is that God will lead Tony in the direction He wants us to go this summer with our summer trips, that He will raise up student leaders to become more globally missions minded and that He will work a mighty peace in the hearts of the parents who will hopefully be allowing their beloved children the chance to leave their mark on the peoples of this world. OK, maybe it's not a small request, but I totally believe in the power of prayer.

Now, I'm quite certain I will be banned from blogjacking again. It was nice to meet all of Tony's faithful readers this way. I'm off to be virtually flogged - fortunately that's never very painful! That's what Tony gets for leaving me home while he runs off to Disney World! (I mean, Orlando!)

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