Thursday, March 09, 2006

About Tony Sheng

A small idea of what SPACE is about:

SPACE (Students Prepared to Act For Christ's Empire):
- is a component of the student ministry at Grace Community Church. SPACE exists as one facet of the ministry, including Sunday morning worship, D-teams (small groups), middle and high school outreaches, and worship and skit teams.
- prepares students for action both now and in the future.
- acts because mission is why the church exists.
- emphasizes culture and context - relevance to culture is not optional.

SPACE creates and shapes environments and experiences:
- where students can be involved in serving the community where we live.
- where students can learn about the realities of our world, realities such as global cultures, the unreached, the poor and different expressions of 'church.'
- to intentionally grow students and leaders in the area of progressive mission experiences, where students can progress through experiences as they get older.
- in synergy with Grace Community Church's mission for the world vision, when possible.

SPACE loves:
- growing students and leaders with a vision for the nations.
- having debriefing and reentry discussions for every experience.
- having fun.

Although SPACE is a component of a local church's student ministry, we are willing to help you with the following in your context:
- mission team preparation and leadership.
- small group/one-on-one coaching and mentoring.
- various other student mission consultation.

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