Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Commitment to a Cause

We all seek to avoid the tension created by the gap between our ideals and our reality. Effective movements exploit that gap and raise the tension. They make life uncomfortable for us all. Movements are uncompromising. They heighten tension inside the Church and with the surrounding culture. Movements are born in conflict, because they stand for something.
Passionate people make history. That'?s true for both social and religious movements. They take their cause seriously. They have a clear message that is communicated unambiguously and lived out consistently. The result is often dramatic growth.
via Steve Addision

We've done a SPACE invite only trip the past few summers and some details for that should be forthcoming very very soon. In 2004, the SPACE team went to NYC. Last year, it was Brasil. Hopefully, I can tell you early next week what this summer will bring. In step with some of the core values of SPACE, this is a trip that builds upon the concepts of long term partnership and synergy with GCC's mission around the world. Additionally, the trip is also about the growth and empowerment of a group of people that have a high level of commitment to SPACE. These people are passionate, unambiguous about their mission and it's my joy to watch them as we grow, invest and then unleash them.

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