Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cam 2006 - Leader Team

I think we've gotten the leader team straight now. It's good news. Good group of people.

- LB returns.
- NLind, who was a leader on the LC team last summer, joins this team. She will be great to have along since she went to Uganda last summer - so she knows when its time to run from the rhinos. She is also heading up the LC team this summer.
- the SPACEintern gets to take it to the next level.
- We bring on GMurak, a new leader.

I realize that its a really good idea to have another male leader to rely on. Not that this group of female leaders couldn't do a tremendous job by themselves - it's just a good idea. It's a safe bet that I spend about 1/10 of the time sick. What can I say, I'm fragile.

Speaking of the intern, the past few summers, I have invited special graduating Seniors (ones who have literally *just* finished high school) to be leaders with my team. In essence, these are SPACE poster children. They have invested a lot, understand what we are trying to do, and have stepped up to lead and serve. I know it is a risky thing since these students go from peers to leaders within the span of a few weeks. That separation can be tricky, on both the new leader's part as well as the rest of the students.

But I'm willing to take the risk for a few reasons. First, it is rather self-serving. We need more leaders and this provides a good opportunity to grow them from people we already admire and love. It also shows that we are serious about recognizing commitment, leadership and serving. The ones that make the investment and are serious about it are asked to take the next step. And finally, I would like to believe that traveling under my leadership is a fantastic experience. I mean, the 90% of the time when I'm not sick. The other 10%, well thats probably up to debate.

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