Monday, December 15, 2008

Bowling and Malaria Nets

For all the heartache we give our first daughter, K [and that's part of our job as parents...] she's a pretty amazing kid. Her birthday is coming up and we decided to have a party at the local bowling alley because none of us have foot fetishes like we should. Anyway, this year, instead of collecting gifts, she loved the idea of having her friends donate something to a worthy cause. We thought of hats and mittens, canned food, and other stuff, but finally decided on having her friends donate to purchase malaria nets, if they wanted. For $5, each friend can have a malaria net donated, via AOET, a nonprofit org serving the AIDS crisis in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa.

Here's the creative stuff D did for the invite:
Kt's inviting you to
Celebrate another year,
So bring yourself and
All your good cheer!

A gift is not necessary
But if you would like
A donation for a mosquito net
For an African child

It's a small donation
$5 will do
It will keep an entire family protected
From Malaria - a gift from you!

With passionate heart
To serve those in need,
This will honor her most
On her birthday indeed!

Happy Birthday, Kt!
(Any donations will be used to purchase a mosquito net for a family in Uganda through a program our church supports, AOET. Thank you!)
It's a lot of fun to parent children like this. If you would like to make a donation to celebrate with Kt, I'm sure she would love it. Email or leave a comment.

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