Friday, June 02, 2006

Cam Team Prep #3

The Cam team met again tonight. Fun times. For those of you interested, here is what the evening looked like. [And as always, for those of you preparing your own teams, feel free to use these notes as you wish.]

- Filled out visa paperwork at my house while we all gathered. Thankfully, LB takes the lead on answering with the right answers and organizing between passports, pictures and forms.
- Had dinner at a Cameroonian restaurant in Wheaton [about 45 minutes from my house], Savannah, Chez Mado. A connection that D made during her Perspectives class, KPatman, met us there. KPatman spent a number of years working with Wycliffe in Cameroon. He actually scoped out the place for us. Very valuable resource that really enjoyed hanging out with our team. He brought a photo album and shared some great wisdom and experience with us.
- Before dinner, everyone was to come up with a list of two or three questions to ask KPatman during dinner.
- As we ate, we rotated around so that everyone had a chance to sit next to KPatman and ask him questions. Our team was very studious about their questions and jotting down notes about their answers.
- We sat at dinner for about three hours or so. Most everyone tried everything, including the bushmeat dish. That is cow hooves on the plate on the left side of the picture.
- Right after dinner, we grouped up outside the restaurant before driving back home to recap. While there, a guy who was with a band that was getting ready to play in the restaurant came over and started asking us all kinds of questions. Turns out he was from Cameroon, and invited us back in to hear his band play. I would have loved to have gone back in, but we had kids to take back home and some of them had SATs in the morning [gross.]

Homework includes:
- Taking their questions and answers and writing down one practical way to implement the advice they got tonight. What are you going to do about it?
- Expanding their Bible study hw from last time - develop four or five questions that would be relevant to the topic of their Bible study that could be used to get people interested in spiritual things possibly interested in their Bible study topic.

Next meeting includes meeting at the doctors office for shots, team building, and talking about how to lead Bible studies.

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