Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Potpourri

::: Mark Beeson from Granger Community Church, on sprinting
Sprint, rest. Sprint, rest. Sprint, rest. Ministry is not a marathon. It is a series of sprints. Get a strangle-hold on the experiences, people and locations that renew you. Maximize your restoration opportunities. Stay fresh or you will rust out, flame out or drop out…and if you are out, you are out, no matter how you went out.
More from Tim Stevens. [Did you know Granger is a Methodist church? Check the links to see what Mark says about denominations as well.]
And... we are in sprint mode right now. Late August until mid September will be rest mode.

::: Character #6 of Leaders That Finish Well
They walk with a growing awareness of a sense of destiny and see some or all of it fulfilled. Bobby Clinton link via Steve Addison

::: Countries - Future Orientation and Competitiveness

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