Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Potpourri

::: Want to mix with other cultures?
Regions with the highest percentage of movers (from last year) who spent the previous year abroad.
1. New York - 150,913 movers from Abroad (7.8% of all total movers to the region)
2. Washington, DC - 58,900 (7.1%)
3. Miami, FL - 62,813 (7.0%)
[Large metros only]
More from the CreativeExchange

::: DDT and Malaria
The U.S. banned DDT in 1972, spurred on by environmentalist Rachel Carson's 1962 book "Silent Spring." Many countries in Europe and around the world followed suit. But after decades of exhaustive scientific review, DDT has been shown to not only be safe for humans and the environment, but also the single most effective anti-malarial agent ever invented. [emphasis mine]
From the WSJ article, "Give Us DDT" via DefeatPoverty

::: Northern Africa and the Middle East
Check out the interactive country map including populations, people groups and worldview breakdown. Did you know Morrocoo has 33M people and is about the size of California. [California has 36M people.]
via Lu

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