Monday, July 30, 2007

13 to many more

D and I celebrate 13 years of marriage today. We had a great weekend away attending a wedding, staying in a hotel and spoiling ourselves.

My wife is a creator-artist, guardian of belief, and family launcher. This fall, she starts a part time job at a local pottery studio. Her cover is cashier and ceramic assistant while the real mission is to continue to show elements of the Creator via her artistic creations. Off the scale in the Belief strength, she shows and tells the Shengri-Las that you do what you believe. Last year, I was in Cameroon on our 12th anniversary. D wrote me a card that said, "For our anniversary, do something fun that you have never done before." The next day, I went to visit a pygmy village. She is determined to launch me, even when I'm terrified. I know it's a pattern that will continue with our kids too, even when they are terrified.

Because of her, our marriage has been filled with opportunities I could have never imagined.


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