Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Leader Re-entry

Leaders create leaders, not just followers. In that sense, it is vital that we help team leaders process their experiences, similar to the way good team leaders help their teams process.

MPM and I sat down with TMurray, one of our England team leaders over lunch. Here are some of the questions we asked and a list of actions we took from our conversation, all in an effort to be better in our role of sending but also to help her process her leadership experience.
- how did you engage the local culture
- what were the ministry tasks?
- who of your team got the most out of the experience?
- what is the long term impact of your team serving?
- partnership/what unique thing did your team bring?
- what was difficult?
- did you have individual team time and what did that look like?
- how did you and the other leaders sync up?
- how prepared did you feel?
- what was your favorite event?
- if the future of humanity were dependent on one person from your team, who would it be and why? [this was my favorite one, if you couldn't tell...]

template to each team for team preparation
mpm or i come to at least one team meeting to do a prep session or two and
provide cultural/missiological info to teams
schedule for team meetings so that finance info can be in sync
need to continue to build improvisation as a leadership skill
Photo: The 2007 England team leaders - TMurray second from the left.

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