Thursday, July 19, 2007

2007 Hungary - 3 week countdown

We have about 3 weeks to go. Here are some of the big items that we still have to plan:
- details on crafts for both VBS and evenings.
- build out activities in the evenings based on our theme.
- passports for RobynB, and the Shengri-Las.
- I need to get a hold of our world travelers ESunde and her brother for some final airline logistics. Apparently, they are in Iceland right now... We've had an itinerary for a few months but some last minute changes might make the return leg a lot more fun.
- Oh, and support. We are at about 80% give or take.
- I'm sure there is more. But we had a great team meeting last Tuesday and the momentum will continue to build.

Our theme is [if you are at the conference, help us keep this a secret until we get there please] Pirates and Treasure, which I think is amazingly creative. It will allow for a lot of fun elements as well as some good Bible teaching [Treasure like fruits of the Spirit].

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