Sunday, July 22, 2007

2007 Middle School Mini Missions

Fantastic time on the LC mini missions experience [LC stands for Light Company, the name of our middle school ministry] this weekend. NLind put together two days of light service projects with an overnight between them. The first day was an afternoon serving at our county's local food bank. This included sorting and packing food and general tidying up. The evening included showing them some of the Caleb Project's Infobytes - great material on global missions. [Not quite my Global Missions Primer, but you know...] We also threw in there cooking smores, a game combining linguistics and Capture the Flag [yeah it kind of flopped], and a time of encouraging and praying for each other.

Saturday was spent in downtown Baltimore, again with the same folks that our other summer teams served with during Mission Advance. Colleen S set this up for us again and walked our team through the vision, strategy and lessons in culture about the inner city. This day included prayer walking and clean up around two blocks adjacent to Charm City Church.

A few observations:
- These middle schoolers - wow.
- Pastor Mike - a life of radical faith - which is what we originally intended to find in a host for our middle school experience. Hmm...
- Local, indigenous, contact and connection based on partnership - in both Colleen and the Howard County food bank. Our team saw the need in our own communities as well as in the inner city - two distinct cultures and the combination of here and there.
- Perhaps the LC experience is a entry point for summer leaders. Maybe it can be a significant part of the leadership pipeline and progression similar to the student progression.
- NLind [who has led on each middle school team, this being the 4th year, and also helped lead Cameroon 2006] did a fantastic job pulling it all together. I've tried to give her plenty of freedom as she has sought to intersect middle schoolers with the world. It's fun to see the end product of one of our leaders that are creating leaders.

Some of our pictures from the day are below.

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