Friday, July 20, 2007

Do You Talk to Yourself Too?

I'm leaving in a few hours for our middle school mini missions experience. To be honest, I wish I was a lot less ambivalent about it. Part of that comes from knowing that I really haven't done the very best at putting this thing together for this year. Sure, I can use the standard excuses - we had plans for an event that got filled, no good leads came for serving opportunities, middle schoolers are always late at signing up [which is not true], etc.

But wait.... when we decided to do this, we decided it would be different. That it would be creative and innovative. It would not just be about serving as the end goal. That we would inspire, catalyze, and transform because we see the intersection of missions and middle schoolers through a different, very unique set of lenses. We would call students to something much, much larger than themselves, because they need it and the world needs them.

Standard excuses are good if you are doing standard things. I need to give a whole different set of excuses. Instead, I will end the pep-talk to myself.

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