Monday, July 16, 2007

Sweat Equity

The term "sweat equity" is not my original term, rather it is a term that one of our Mission Task Force members use to define the concept of a team coming together to put on a fundraiser and having the primary goal be a greater team identity, not necessarily making any money.

This weekend, our Hungary team washed people's windows at a local gas station as a fundraiser. I was pleasantly surprised by how much money we raised and how generous and gracious people were. We raised a serious amount of money in just a few hours.

Gen Y students we have in our ministries are very inventive and experimental in their efforts to raise support - much more than we adults could ever be. Our challenge is to ensure that they get the freedom to experiment, risk and run with their ideas. And when they are given ownership to do so, guaranteed that they will apply 110% of themselves to the task.

Michelle, Lindsey and Robyn - you guys are awesome.

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