Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Letter to Parents About Release

I've been reading Seth Barnes' blog quite a bit lately, looking at older posts and stuff and recently added him to my blogroll on the right side there. Seth is the founder and director of Adventures In Mission, one of the best short-term student mission agencies around. Adventures seem to not only be focused on missions, but also explicitly focused on the concept of discipleship via missions - which is a little unusual for a missions agency. That is one of the core value's of SPACE - since we are a component of a student ministry, a long range goal for us is discipleship because our leaders and students come from the same community of faith. If you enjoy some of the topics on this blog, you will also enjoy Seth's. [Edit: The cool dudes at Youth Ministry Forum also highlighted Seth's blog a few weeks ago - not sure how I missed it...]

Incidentally, we have a graduating senior from CpR that is going to India in the fall, with Adventures. She told me the other day that the level of personal contact with staff from Adventures has been amazing, she personally talks to someone almost every other week. I think that is unheard of - and really, really cool.

Seth posts about a letter a colleague has written to parents regarding releasing their kids to serve the nations. Good letter in light of my recent post about parents understanding mission trips.

[Related post about parents worrying about mission trips, from June 2004.]

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