Friday, May 26, 2006

Cam Leader Interaction #2

[This post is specifically for interaction between the Cameroon team leaders. Although other readers - please please feel free to add your ideas too.]

What are some personal habits or tools you use to soak in Scripture in order to get ready to teach it to others? How can we translate some of these personal habits into teaching students how to study the Scriptures with others? What are some essentials and what are some nonessentials to this process?

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When I study scripture in preparation, I tend to re-read stories I know pretty well. I see God as accepting of me when I felt "lost" in high school. So I love to read the Prodigal Son, Good Shepard, and Luke 15.

This is so helpful to us/me because it reminds me of the Truth that God found me at the perfect time in the perfect way.

There is only one Truth amongst all our stories and studying- that Jesus died and rose again and we need Him to be with God. So I try and "set-aside" the other "details" and focus on that.

What do you guys do?

I love to meditate on the particular scripture I am going to be sharing. I also feel that it's important to note why the verse/ story/ whatever is important to me, personally. To really feel it and soak it all in so that when I share it, it is genuine and I tend to pretend less that I know more than I know. I am also much less nervous.

gm and Nicole - good responses, thanks for your valuable contribution.

I read two things:
1 - The bigger Truth that is a common thread throughout all of Scripture - that God came to redeem all of mankind.
2 - That the personal effect of Scripture on your life must be integrated with those you communicate with. You cannot lead where you have not yet gone.

Good stuff.

I'll throw one quick idea out too. I think the idea of story is very important too, specifically finding a more commonplace story that has the same principle. Something in current day perhaps. Also, something in pop culture - like a scene from a movie or something. We will probably talk more about this - a 'redemptive analogy.'

I'll jump in more again later.

I like to read the scripture over and over again.

If it's a story, like a parable, I try to imagine how Jesus would have told it today. For example, maybe he wouldn't have used the example of seeds falling on rocky ground since we aren't an agricultural society.

I also try to think of similar wisdoms or stories that are paralleled elsewhere in the Bible. Sometimes I consult resources. I've got a great concordance,, and then, of course, biblegateway.

I usually try to think about how the scripture can apply to my audience too. And that usually boils down to how it can apply to me.

I like to read the piece of scripture a lot over a couple days. Then each time I write what pops out at me or what I like or what I think about when I read it. Then I look at all the notes I have written and pick out what I think is most important, will apply most to my "audience" and is most thought provoking.

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