Monday, May 22, 2006

The Essential TShirt

We had a fun time with the Leaders Prayer last night. I wish more could have come, but it was late notice and a pretty busy weekend for a lot of people [bach party for a dteam leader, soccer games, grad parties, etc.]

One of the things we missed last year was artwork for the summer. By artwork, of course, I mean, the essential piece of all good student ministries - a cool tshirt. Seriously though, a logo or image is an important piece of identity, team, and the overall environment and community.

Last night, I cajoled one of our leaders, who is an artist, to try to whip up a logo for us for this summer. It was a fun discussion, as I would throw out some ideas about this summer, and she would sketch it out. Not only that, but she would take the idea and run even further with it, and then sketch it. I'm excited to see what she comes up with, I know its going to be good. I will share it here when its done.

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