Thursday, May 25, 2006

Being Replaced Because of 2506

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned a little bit about my Cameroon leaders working me out of a job. I was mostly being facetious. Mostly.

I've got high hopes for this leader team, and not just for this summer, like all of our leader teams, and for that matter, all of our students. But back to these leaders, I know that they are capable of leading, will sacrifice when they need to, and have their heads straight when it comes to their own walks with Jesus. I trust them wholly.

What has been nagging me is my own insecurity. Insecurities about unleashing them, losing control, watching them do a fantastic job. What if they lead so well, I won't be needed? What if they forget about me? What if they accidentally leave me in Cameroon?

Did Jesus ever feel this way about the 12? Wasn't He disappointed that He wouldn't be able to do the same stuff anymore? Didn't He enjoy speaking to the crowds, healing people, being in direct touch with those He wept for? When the disciples started doing it for themselves, didn't He miss it?

In the end, it's a silly dialogue and I think Jesus would say the same thing. In order to see a movement of students change the future, impact the world, make the next 500 years different, we need more than just me. We need much more. We need leaders that risk more than what I risk, love people more than I love people, sacrifice more for others than I sacrifice. And we need leaders that will create and shape even more leaders that take those levels of risk, love and sacrifice even deeper.

You guys and gals know what I'm talking about too - so many of you that I have met via this blog are doing the same thing. You are raising up leaders, mentoring and shaping those younger than you, empowering and freeing them to do ministry themselves. You are losing control, coaching and cheering them on, living in the chaos, and watching impact happen. Whether I have worked with you for a week or a weekend, chatted over IM or email, or read about your deep commitment, I see your heart. So lets all take a step back, get thrilled in watching leaders we have molded actually lead, and share the fun together. Let us not be satisfied until 2506 is significantly different.

Photo: Reflection from a NYC subway car, May 2005.

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