Monday, May 08, 2006

Death and Life

Interesting night tonight. D and I went to a DaVinci Code thing at Grace - the whole idea was to talk about the book/movie and give people some more information about some of the story as well as some ideas for how to talk to people interested in it. It was some great information. And I'm thrilled that our church set up a time like this - the team that put it on was great. The first part was kind of an introduction, there was a coffee break and then some breakout workshops. We left after the first session. We felt sort of bad about it, but we needed a date. So we went out with her aunt and uncle and had dessert. It was fun. And I'm still at that maturity level where I like to sneak out of things just for the sheer thrill.

About half way through, I got a call on my cell. The father of one of our high school ministry graduates had a heart attack suddenly this afternoon and passed away. I don't know all the details. Later on, I got a text message about it as well as a few IMs about it. The information traveled fast. I'm sure that this guy has lots of friends huddled around him, being present in the time of trouble. It's the Church being the Church in the midst of death.

Later I was IMing one of our team leaders on the LA team. We chatted about a few things about the team and stuff and as it was coming to a close, I thanked him for the work he is doing. He replied something about not feeling like he was doing much yet. And I wrote back something to the effect of - you are doing more than meets the eye. The dreaming, the anticipation, the praying that our team leaders are doing - that is some serious work. The creating and shaping the future, the paving the way for kids to make an impact, the willingness to innovate and create so others can experience the spiritual, the modeling of living a life on purpose to bless strangers. It's the Church being the Church and creating life.

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