Thursday, May 18, 2006

Super Kule Intern

Emilie, the SPACEintern, is officially done with her internship. The last major work effort was the Senior Mission weekend, which was her dream followed by her execution. It was a great weekend and all of her hard work was worth it. We talked about how we could measure success before the weekend started - the measurement she ultimately decided on was that it was a success even before it started because of how much she had personally learned. I think besides other measurements, that is a good one because leaders are life-long learners.

Our first ever SPACE launch was in September of 2003 and included having lunch with some homeless people as well as working in a food distribution center. Emilie was one of the first ones we invited and she has been at literally every SPACE gathering since then. Since then, she has seen us do some pretty fun things, all in an effort to mobilize students to live lives larger than just themselves, including:
- feeding moms of newborns
- nursing home Vday party
- raking a whole mess of yards around our community every November
- decorating pastors offices for Pastor appreciation
- multiple homeless experiences in DC, Baltimore and helping with GCC's Cold Weather Shelter
- helping with mission teams for extended periods of time in NYC, Washington DC, Bridgeport CT and Trinidad
- helping host missionary friends
- prayer walk around our local mall
- critiquing the effectiveness of large festival evangelism events
- attending workshops about urban youth ministry
- meetings with the whole cast of characters that make up our 2006 summer team leaders
- this coming summer, she will be one of the Cam team leaders
As you can tell, she was an obvious choice to be a SPACE intern.

Of course, in full disclosure to the sometimes funny, chaotic and unpredictability nature of SPACE, Emilie has also experienced:
- someone locking the keys in the church van [with the engine running] while on a homeless experience
- having all 60 or so students kicked out of a nursing home because we were too loud
- watching a teammate have to catch and kill a live chicken in Trinidad [Edit: As Matt commented, this was at Emilie's request...]
- and most recently, only having 20 seconds to prepare before speaking about how much God means to her in front of a church for homeless people

Emilie, you:
- are kind hearted towards people - you always find the best about people. Your optimism about people will serve you well as you lead - you will see their potential and gifts more than their shortcomings.
- are directionally gifted - you are like a GPS unit. You can find your way around the corner and through the subway. You will sense God's direction as you go from nation to nation, city to city, person to person.
- have a heart for those outside AND inside. You long for those outside the Kingdom, for them to experience true life to the full. For those inside the Kingdom, you aspire for them to be amazed at how God can and will use them to impact with a crash.

SPACE is watching you expectantly as you create and shape a future where God's glory is magnified by those who don't know Him yet.

Photos: Emilie and I in Battery Park, May 2006; serving at the Capital Area Food Bank, Sept 2003; guiding a team through the NYC subway, May 2005

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