Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Different Kind of Culture Shock

1. Your hands and house may get messy
2. You may have to welcome in messy people: physically and emotionally
3. You may have to give up some comforts to help get things done
4. You will have to give up your privacy some: big churches provide good hiding places, small churches provide intimacy and dependence upon one another - culture shock will come to those who are not aware and prepared
5. You may have to store church equipment and be burdened
6. You may be asked to do something you don't enjoy doing and are not gifted to do
7. You will have to be flexible and bend as you consider other needs over your own
8. You may not be in control of everything
9. You will have to get use to people leading in ways you are not use to
10. You may actually be held accountable for your beahavior: ego, jealousy, selfishness, pride, comfort
11. You may have to get sweaty and work in areas where you used to depend on the magic fairies to get stuff done
12. You may have to welcome and tolerate the messy children even though you have grown beyond the years of having children.
Culture shock from being part of a church planting team. Read more at The Amadeo Church, Gilbert, AZ. Remember, "Church planting is the best method of evangelism."

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