Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mentor Reception

Tonight I went to a reception held for all the mentorships at one of the local high schools, where Emilie our SPACEintern goes. All the interns had presentation boards about their mentorship and a lot of the mentors were there as well. There was a little speech and then mentors that were there got presented a certificate. It was pretty neat.

Emilie and JF [who mentored under GCC's youth administrator] have a lot of guts. They got school credit for working in a church, while going to public high school, one of the most unchurched post-Christian environments around these days. I would have NEVER done an internship like that in high school, where my faith was on such huge display. Note the header on Emilie's board, "Reaching Out to the World: Students on Christian Mission." It certainly speaks volumes about their resolve and nerve.

Some of the interns did some amazing stuff. This type of venue ought to be the first place we recruit talent - passion was all over the place.

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