Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SPACE = tony's cloning process

From an IM conversation:
(14:27:57) EmGberg: i'll WRITE the post for you
(14:28:11) EmGberg: just got back from a great missions weekend.,
(14:28:29) EmGberg: we took 6 kids to chicago, to visit space graduate EmGberg, whos attending wheaton college
(14:28:35) EmGberg: our team, plus Em, went into the city
(14:28:49) EmGberg: and met with homeless people. . . .[insert missions expereinece here]
(14:28:59) EmGberg: this fuliflled several Space purposes
(14:29:09) EmGberg: we got to whisk the kids away during the school eyar for some focus, which is always fun
(14:29:24) EmGberg: we got to experience [insert missions experience] and help people
(14:29:45) EmGberg: we also got to spend some time with EmGberg, showing kids a little about "life after CpR", plus encourage a ministry graduate
(14:29:52) EmGberg: all in all, a great success. Here's some pics
(14:30:17) EmGberg: man im impressed with myselkf
(14:30:22) EmGberg: i bet if you posted that
(14:30:29) EmGberg: people wouldnt be able to tell it wasnt written by you
(14:30:34) EmGberg: *blows on fingernails modestly*

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