Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I got an interesting email over the weekend while I was in NYC with our Seniors. The point person for our DC team made a decision that her and her husband needed to speed up their cross country move and therefore could not be a part of the DC trip and team anymore. Interesting. Well, these things happen. People move in and out, plans change, life requires us to be flexible.

I'm off to meet two of the remaining leaders in a few minutes to try and recover some momentum and get this team back on the right page. Sure, it's a little bit frustrating. This was the one team that I thought had it all together - their team was assembled, all the students had support letter material in their hands, the trip [with CSM-DC] was even totally paid for. They just had to write letters, meet as a team a few times, come to Mission Advance and then go and serve and have fun together. I make it sound so simple don't I?

In God's grand plan, I know it's not a big deal. There is a bigger reason for the change in plans and since I'm not the center of the universe, it will be okay. In the meantime, better to have to reguide a team before they are on the field than to have to do some kind of recovery after they have left.

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