Wednesday, February 23, 2005

SPACE - The Black Hole Experience

I've been sitting on this set of ideas for a while. I don't know if it will really work out or not, but I am going to pursue it. And of course, since it's titled 'The Black Hole', I won't be able to talk about it anymore...

SPACE 2005
The Black Hole Experience

SPACE is inviting you - graduating senior - to the Black Hole Experience, a special SPACE weekend with you specifically in mind.
The BHE is an experience in:
* mission - you will serve with one of the premiere up and coming missional organizations in one of the most significant locales of the world
* culture - you will gain a new insight and perspective on the cultures of the world into which you are about to graduate to. get ready to see the world with new eyes
and ears
* the future - see the present with new clarity to aggresively engage your future

Black Holes are known for swallowing everything - matter, light, even anti-matter. Like a Black Hole, you will get NO advance information about this event (except this handout - but your parents certainly will...) Additionally, you will be asked to not repeat any details of your experience to others. We believe that with no advance information, your engagement of the experience, the community that partakes along and activities will be out of this world.

Reserve your place with your dteam leader ASAP and get prepared for blast off, into the Black Hole and out into the world that Jesus longs to be worshipped by.


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